Gain as many points as possible by strategically drafting teams and choosing whether they win or lose each game.


  • Each Member will draft against the other members in their group and pick 4 teams to use for that quarter. A team can not be drafted by more than one person
  • There are 4 Drafts throughout the season
  • Start Of Season, and start of Q2, Q3, & Q4 of the season
  • Members only use the 4 teams they draft for that part of the season.


  • Members pick those 4 teams to either win or lose.
  • If picked correctly the member gains (+) 25 points
  • If picked incorrectly the member loses (-) 25 points
  • Bye weeks count as a 0 score. No gain, no loss.
  • Best weekly score would be (+) 100 points


  • Weekly picks can be entered beginning Wednesday of each week
  • Each Member's picks must be submitted before kick-off of that game
  • If your pick is not submitted in time it will result in a loss of (-) 25 points


  • Quarterly Payouts within your Group of 8
  • End of Regular Season Payouts within your Group of 8
  • Quarterly Payouts for the League
  • End of Regular Season Payouts for the League
  • Sponsorship Prizes
  • League prize amounts will be determined by number of players and sponsors
  • Playoffs will be separate payouts and fees


  • There are a lot of ways to win!
  • Each Member's Score will be scored against their group and the entire League
  • Each Group and the League will have a winner each Quarter
    Based upon your score just for that quarter
  • Each Group and the League will have a winner for the Season
    Based upon their cumulative score for the season
  • Playoffs will be held after the Regular Season
  • These will be determined upon a Member’s ranking at the end of the Regular Season. Separate Buy-Ins and Payouts will apply.


  • Each Group can determine when and where they want to do their draft
  • 4TeamFantasy will help assist
  • All teams and picks will be done via the 4TeamFantasy website.
  • Drafts incorporate Four Rounds
  • All drafts will be a snake style draft
  • Initial Draft order will be random.
  • Q2-4 will be based on score
    • RD 1: 8th place to 1st place
    • RD 2: 1st to 8th
    • RD 3: 8th to 1st
    • RD 4: 1st to 8th
  • If a person cannot be part of the draft an auto-draft will be done for the player
    • Based upon the 4Team Power rankings
    • Will draft from number 20 and work our way up -
    • Once done there it will be 21st to worst
  • 4TeamFantasy© consists of Four drafts throughout the season.
  • Beginning of Season
  • After Q1 - After week 5 or TBD
  • After Q2 - After week 9 or TBD
  • After Q3 - After week 14 or TBD


What kind of prizes can I win?

  • Over $10,000 in cash was paid out during the 2021 season. In addition, other prizes were awarded as well, such as a 65” 4K TV, concert tickets, and $100 gift cards were provided by our local Home Base Sponsors. SHOUT OUT to our sponsors for the free drinks!

What is FourTeam Fantasy?

  • FourTeam Fantasy© is a product of Four Score Entertainment LLC.
  • The FourTeam Fantasy© games and companies are Copyrighted/Trademarked under the ownership of Four Score Entertainment LLC.
  • John Ed. Marchak and Mike Nosker are the Creators and Founding Partners of FourScore Entertainment LLC and all the subsequent games:
  • FourTeamFantasy NFL
  • FourTeamFantasy MLS (in development)
  • FourTeamFantasy NHL (in development)
  • FourTeamFantasy NBA (in development)
  • FourTeamFantasy MLB (in development)
  • FourTeamFantasy NCAA (in development)

How is it Legal?

  • Fantasy Sports Gambling is legal in the US with the exception of 5 states; Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana & Washington.
  • Here in Texas, games of chance can happen within a membership club as long as the house does not take a rake from the Game of Play. We charge a membership fee that is separate from any winnings and is used to fund the game. The rest of the Money of Play (after credit card fees) is set aside in a secured savings account and not touched until payouts.
  • Anyone can be a member of the Club, they do not have to live in Texas, as long as they are 21 years of age.

How long has it been played?

  • 2018 - The game started with a group of 8 players. (The OGs)
  • 2019 - More people wanted to play so we extended it to 32 players (4 groups).
  • 2020 - Even more people were interested, so we expanded to 56 players (7 groups) and brought in sponsors to lead the groups.
  • 2021 - The company FourScore Entertainment LLC was created and we started the membership process. We ended up with 112 players (14 groups) and started to develop standard ops, game structure, and architecture for a scalable game.
  • 2022 - Built out the Web Based Mobile Platform for an easier and better user experience.